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A coach who will always send you your program on time, will always be 5 minutes early for your in person sessions, will never call you the night before and cancel, values your time and understands what you are trying to accomplish.​​


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Your Pet Is In Good Hands

A coach who will hold you accountable for what you are trying to accomplish, who will keep you focused on the task at hand even during periods when you may not be 100% motivated as you experience life's ups and downs.


A trainer who is dedicated to helping you see the results you want to see, will find the problem with your current methods, address them head on, and work with you to figure out the right path for you to go down to reach your fitness goals, who, most importantly, will never give up on what you are looking to accomplish!
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In Their Words:
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"Working with Max was one of the best decisions of my life. His tailored strength and conditioning techniques helped me with a total weight loss of 45lbs and a noticeable increase in physical strength and stamina. Max is a good dude that will keep you motivated and on track with your fitness goals. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for fitness professional with a proven record of success."

-Taylor S, US Army Veteran, Human Resources Worker
Max is the best personal trainer I have ever got till date ! He has vast knowledge on everything that he does. He builds a plan for his clients everyday which suits them and pushes you to the limits! Worth hiring if you are looking for a committed trainer who can train you to achieve your goals!

-Ritika S, Software Engineer
"When I first hired Max, I was looking for a qualified trainer who could help me rehabilitate a couple of nagging injuries (shoulder, knee), build my overall fitness, and eventually transition into a barbell-based program to get stronger. Over a span of several months, Max helped me with each of these goals. His training style is conversational, engaging and supportive, with no pretense or "gymbro" attitude. Given his physical appearance, it is clear he "walks the walk," which gives him even greater credibility, IMO. He was always willing to adjust my program to accommodate specific concerns of mine, as well as my screwy personal schedule. His responsiveness and "follow-through" were excellent. I recommend him highly."

-Jon, Captain, State Police
""I worked with Max for nearly 4 years and he is not only an extremely knowledgable trainer, but he can become one of your greatest friends. I came to him hoping to lose weight, become toner, and to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle by balancing food and exercise. Unsurprisingly, we were able to achieve all three goals due to Max's relentless investment in me. He pushed me even through my hardest days, checked in on me daily, and was there to support me even when I just thought my work day wasn't going to allow me to go full out. In the time I worked with Max, I went from a dress size of 10-12 to size 4-6. And I feel toner and stronger than ever. Max is someone that not only believes in you, but he is that trainer that makes you believe in yourself. I find myself self-motivating myself to workout on my own, and continuing on this lifestyle without him around. I am forever grateful to his dedication and friendship because
it has made me feel more confident and healthier in my everyday life, when that was not something I was taught as I was growing up. I highly recommend working with Max Gordon!"

-Annie CV, Elementary School Teacher